nFormation is a vetted, yet welcoming membership community created by women of color for women of color, that seeks to reimagine traditional power structures to not just help more WOC take their seat at the table but to change the way the table is formed.

nFormation provides safe, brave and new space for WOC leaders to gather and a unique board and executive placement plus extended success service that includes individual and corporate coaching, feedback and support for two years post-placement.

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Members receive exclusive access to events, speakers and an app, that constitute a cutting edge curriculum for personal and professional development.

Intimate fireside chats with trailblazers and luminaries like Reshma Saujani and Minda Harts, combined with community discussions to unpack issues ranging from identity, capital, purpose, and a new vision for the c-suite create a healing and transformative space.

We invite whole, embodied, unapologetic engagement, and as a result, members report feeling both less isolated and more empowered, when it comes to advocating for themselves and their communities within the workplace.

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We partnered with The Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative to publish a white paper titled "PowHer Redefined. A New Way Forward: Women of Color Leading the Future of Work."

The first of its kind, this report lays out the mindset, needs and tremendous potential of corporate America's greatest untapped resource.

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